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Pathological Networks in Human Evolution

Dr. psychotherapist shares his view on how psychological trauma creates pathological networks run by emotions and why that's important for everyone.

Defining in my words what consciousness is, I will have first to share with you my view on how the very first trauma is formed. And how that forms subconscious from which our consciousness has to develop defense mechanisms. Hypnosis can overRide those defense mechanisms allowing for the control of the contents of the subconscious. Hypnosis is required for the first-ever trauma to dissociate from consciousness (awareness) to the subconscious (out of awareness), and vice versa. That's why it's required to fix the contents of the past memories. Who are you? Are you aware you found about the world and yourself only thru others and that limits us? How and why? A direct suggestion might cause coming back of the symptom, what is the mechanism under that? Why exactly for the deep change to happen another person as a therapist is required? What is the deepest ever hypnosis phenomenon according to Dr. Efremov and why?

Among these, you will find this video is also dedicated to such topics as: connectom engines of the pathological networks are emotions awareness and the key to activating pathological networks Direct suggestions work, but why we say "No" to them? Worsening of the symptoms as conversions First trauma as an adaptation mechanism Hypnosis as a dissociation Who am I? (YOU!) What is consciousness? Defense mechanisms of the consciousness Avoidance as an example Hypnosis and defense mechanisms Defense mechanisms in hypnosis VS not in hypnosis Self-esteem Deepest hypnosis phenomena ever known, What is that? Basis of ANY dependence Rapport is hypnosis Illusions are real What is that: to become yourself, to find yourself? What consciousness does? The dualism of consciousness limits us. How? False "I"s Emotions are psychological glue. Why? Evolution as a hypnosis Exceptional advantages of hypnosis

You will learn a brand new concept that can bring a game-changer for many. Maybe not all. Emotions are inside of the parts. Parts of the mind are real and exist as both a part of connectom and a part of a brain cells life There are not only a famous Default Network but also pathological networks that are created during our lifetime Rapport is the number one thing that must happen for a true hypnoTHERAPY to happen!

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