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This seminar focuses on the use of rapid hypnosis online. More hypnotists and hypnotherapists than ever before are starting to explore how they can work with clients online, or enhance how they are already working online with clients. Just as there are a diverse range of views about theories, methods and styles of hypnosis, there are many different perspectives about online hypnosis work, both amongst hypnotists and clients.

This seminar:

  • Explores some of the perspectives of hypnotists and of clients
  • Online therapy benefits and limitations, and how to address these
  • Preparing clients and familiarisation
  • The first session
  • Suggestibility testing

Experiential 'online-friendly' demos of: - The window eye lock suggestibility test - The breathing eye closure rapid induction - The arm drop non-touch deepener

For each technique there is an overview, a suggested script (presented experientially on the video), and then finally, a breakdown of the technique, as well as the key features that make it effective online.

Learning objectives By the end of the presentation viewers will...

  1. understand the benefits of hypnosis online and how to address limitations
  2. know how to prepare clients for online work
  3. have experienced and know how to use an 'online-friendly' suggestibility test, rapid induction and physical deepener.

Bonus material PDF handout By joining this training, you’ll also get a coupon code for 25% off ALL of Dr Kate’s online hypnosis training courses, on https://hypnosis-courses.com/training/

Motivation This presentation gives viewers an insight into how they can conduct rapid hypnosis effectively in their online hypnotherapy work.

Websites www.hypnosis-courses.com www.hypnotc.com www.drkatehypno.com

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